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Elevator Maintenance Tips

Keeping your elevators in proper working condition is not only a courtesy to your customers, employees or residents, but it is also the best way to prevent more costly damage from occurring. Here are some tips to follow to avoid a faulty elevator.


It is ideal to check your elevators daily. A quick inspection can alert you to any unusual noises or changes in movement as soon as it happens. In addition, it is also a good practice to keep a log of each elevator’s operation. This includes the frequency of usage and when anything odd happens during the usage, such as a door sticking.


Overloading an elevator can cause the mechanics of it to wear more quickly. When transporting heavy items, be aware of the weight limits and consider making multiple trips to avoid unnecessary stress on the mechanisms.


If any faulty equipment is found when doing a routine check, it needs to be replaced. Even if it is just a lightbulb, it should be replaced as quickly as possible. It is also best to avoid using industrial cleaners on the internal mechanisms as it can cause corrosion. To clean the elevator, contact the contractor that installed the elevator.

A well-maintained elevator is less likely to experience a major problem. For more information on maintaining an efficient elevator, call Wisconsin Elevator Sales & Service today at 1-800-261-0007.


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