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Periodic Reviews of Elevator Systems

If you have ever been stuck in a disabled elevator, you realize firsthand the importance of elevator maintenance. If you have not been stranded in an elevator that has malfunctioned, you want to keep it that way.


Elevators provide important service to passengers on a daily basis. For this reason, it is best if in-house personnel are assigned to check and inspect the elevator system more often than the scheduled major inspections. Elevator functions that should be performed often could include:

  • Doors – Do the doors open and close at proper intervals and without unnecessary noise?

  • Ride – Are there any squeaks or vibrations when the elevators are running?

  • Safety features – Do the emergency alarm bell, intercom and lighting system work in a simulated shutdown?


In order to keep elevators operating smoothly and maintain passenger satisfaction, timing checks should be run periodically. The property manager can check the floor-to-floor time, as well as the time from when the doors start to close until the elevator starts to move.

Once these items have been noted, they should be compared with the manufacturer's specifications to evaluate the overall performance of the system. Call Wisconsin Elevator Sales & Service to learn more about the importance of elevator maintenance and schedule an inspection.


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